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Miiko grew up in a high-crime, drug-infested area in Oakland, CA. She was born to a teenage mother who battled substance abuse throughout Miiko’s entire childhood. 

In her early 20’s Miiko found herself in a bad marriage with two small children and an insufficient education.
She decided things had to change. She went back to college and ultimately attended law school.

While in Law School, she dealt with homelessness, single parenting, and the instability of living on public assistance. However, in school, she excelled. She was repeatedly on the Dean’s list and received multiple awards for her academic achievements.    

Upon graduating and passing the bar, Miiko immediately began her career as a Prosecutor. She earned a reputation as a highly-skilled trial attorney and received multiple awards as a result. 

Handling cases that involved brutal and heinous acts was a normal part of Miiko’s responsibilities. However, things changed for Miiko when she became aware that one of her closest family members was a victim of human trafficking, and it had happened right under her nose. 

Miiko worked tirelessly to care for her family member while Miiko was able to help extract her family member from the hands of the trafficker. Miiko was also able to gain a level of insight and compassion that is only matched by her fortitude and tenacity. 

Miiko is uniquely qualified to help people maximize their potential and have a lasting impact on the lives, organizations and communities. The blessing in the tragedy is that it gave a gifted trial attorney and mother a reason to fight even harder to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. 

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