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in your life, Organization, and Community! 


Congressional Award-Winning Thought Leader 
Retired Senior Prosecuting Attorney
Leadership and Personal Development
International Subject Matter Expert
Global Trainer and Professional Speaker 



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About Miiko

Miiko has learned the lessons she teaches the hard way. From the "bad hand" she was dealt as a child to the struggles of single parenting while on public assistance and living in one of the deadliest cities in the country. Miiko not only feared her environment, but, more importantly, she feared the impact it would have on her children.


Miiko understands that personal and professional development are intimately intertwined. Her life story is a living example of how overcoming personal obstacles can pave the way for professional success. She firmly believes that by addressing personal struggles, individuals can also unlock their true potential in the professional sphere.


Things changed when Miiko took the L.E.A.D in life!


Miiko is an internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert in Human Trafficking and Gender-based violent crimes.  As a Retired Senior Prosecuting Attorney and Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Miiko has tried and convicted some of the most brutal human traffickers and violent offenders.  Miiko has received specialized training from the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Homeland Security. She now trains and facilitates workshops for high-ranking law enforcement officers and prosecutors across the globe. 


In April 2023, Miiko was honored to receive the prestigious Suzanne McDaniel Congressional Award

Miiko also developed the L.E.A.D. Process: A Four-Step Path to Fearless Leadership. 

My Services



Miiko offers assistance for those who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or finding it difficult to balance personal and professional goals. Miiko works with organizations and individuals to help discover and nurture the internal motivation that propels them to the next level. By focusing on personal responsibility and well-being, Miiko encourages individuals to take charge of their lives and L.E.A.D. themselves towards success.



As a speaker, my primary goal is to educate, energize, and empower my audience. I provide practical action steps that can be taken to make lasting changes.

 Scales of Justice

Legal Expert

As a subject matter expert, certified criminal law specialist and successful trial attorney, I am available to provide expert witness testimony in the area of human trafficking and gender-based violent crimes. 


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Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Senator 

I saw that in your strong personality, a character that does not shy away from challenges but overcomes them. Thank you for the tremendous work you do. You are on the front lines, doing exemplary work.


Rowina Petion
Florida Trio Executive Board President 

It was an honor to have you speak to our students and professionals at the Florida TRIO Student Leadership Conference. As I mentioned, the workshop was AMAZING! I am confident we can all agree that we wished your workshop was longer. Your presentation and testimony of working in such a hard field matters to all of the victims and survivors of Human Trafficking. It matters to EVERYONE. We should all become familiar with signs and work towards prevention. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your passion with us. It was POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL

breana locket.jpg

Breana Lockett
Program Associate  

Your energy and approachability truly made this amazing. We had a chance to debrief with the students after your chat and learned that many of them would like to learn more about a career like yours - talk about impact!

Rebecca Khalil.jpg

Rebecca S.T. Khalil, JD 
Dir. of Victim Assistance & Training

I absolutely loved your session and its approach to addressing trauma. The way you talk about your experience was very compelling and I think it made the participants think about trauma and responding to trauma in a different, and more personal, way


Shawn Guy M.A.
Director of Programs & Operations-Conference on Crimes Against Women


Thank you for your extremely vital training session at the 2022 Conference on Crimes Against Women!  

Police Patch

Undercover Detective Dan 

I watched her in trial and had to refrain from cheering during her closing arguments! She connects to juries like no other prosecutor I've seen. A true expert.

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